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More informations about save poor baby dolphins and whales for  cruelty of inconstient people.


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Hi Sandy BlueDolphin,

Last September, the government of the Solomon Islands promised to ban the capture and export of live dolphins from the first of January this year.
But despite their promise, Solomon is still allowing dolphins to be caught and sold to the aquarium industry.

Tell Solomon that it must keep its promise to protect its dolphins. »

This involves intense trauma to the wild dolphins dragged away from their lives and families. 

Those dolphins that don't die during or shortly after capture end up in aquariums abroad, where their lives are often miserable and very short. The conservation impact could also be serious.

The Solomon Islands government has been vague about keeping the promise,
with no confirmation beyond press articles. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species is currently pressuring the Solomon Island government to at least reduce its export rate, something else it has yet to respond to.

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent creatures who do not deserve to suffer this trauma.
Tell Solomon to keep its promise to ban dolphin exports! »

Thanks for taking action!


Solomon, Stop Exporting Live Dolphins!

Take action now.
Take Action!

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