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Save Dolphins from Sonar impact danger! Salvati delfinii de percolul Sonarelor maritime!

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Hi FelStar,

The use of deep water sonar is likely causing the mass dolphin deaths along the Peruvian and US Gulf Coasts.

Dolphins suffer violent deaths due to seismic surveying. Save them today! »

After speculating too long over what caused 3000 dead dolphins to wash up on the Peru's coast, researchers at a marine animal organization in Peru (ORCA) finally concluded that seismic surveying for petroleum is to blame.

The US has responded by curbing exploration during the calving season, but Natural Resource Defense Council’s Michael Jasny says that’s not enough.

What dolphins face, he says, is like “dynamite going off in your neighborhood for days, months on end.”

There’s no excuse for this mass slaughter - anywhere. Our governments must do what it takes to stop these massive dolphin deaths! »

Thanks for taking action!


Stop Killing Dolphins
With Sonar!

Take action now.
Take Action!
Take action link: http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/AGJ33/zmRC/1ivu

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Galin Mihalev https://www.facebook.com/groups/frackoffromania/
We need the administration of these two sub-groups
Frac Free Romania
Frac Free Bulgaria

Healthy Easter 2012 ! Frackoffromania a gas risk to polute iremediable clean water and life population in Europe or World exploit chevron in Barlad and Litoral Costinesti vama veche, exxon in submarine Black sea-Tulcea Delta , mol in Transilvan areas Timisoara etc
thanks for your interest.

http://www.banfracnow.com/joinform PLS SHARE AND SAVE SAFE!
Ajuta cu siguranta salveaza mediul tau!