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Elephant Save

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In the Ganjam district of India, poachers are using homemade tripwires made from power lines to kill elephants. We should hold energy officials responsible in making power lines safer for these animals.
Please sign the petition today! Stop Poachers' Electrocution of Elephants in India!
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Dear friends,

Of the 295 elephants poached in India's Ganjam district, 61 have been killed with electrocution. These intelligent, increasingly endangered animals are dying slow, painful deaths.

Ask India's energy officials to work to make sure that their power lines cannot be used to poach more elephants.

But this terrible problem has several possible solutions. For example, the electric companies could build taller, more insulated power lines to prevent poachers' access to the weapon. But they have not yet taken action.

One of our activists recently started a petition to save the elephants in Ganjam. She writes:

While it may be the responsibility of wildlife officials to prosecute poachers -- it is the electric company's duty to prevent poaching wherever possible and provide the service safely.

The people of Ganjam certainly deserve access to electricity, but the elephants who live there must also be protected. Energy officials must work with activists to make a compromise that works for everyone's benefit, human and animal alike. Will you sign the petition to encourage them to do just that?


Thank you for taking action,

Kathleen J.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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