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Taylor McFarland To:Felix Sandi Sep 30 at 5:00 PM Share with a Friend I Support our Work I Visit us Online My Post (23).png Dear Felix, Join Us in our Fight Against A Disastrous LNG Project along the Delaware River in South Jersey Please join us to learn about a proposal to build a massive Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) along the Delaware River in South Jersey. This project will have major implications to the environment and public safety. Delaware River Partners are trying to rush approvals for their (LNG) export facility all behind closed doors. A port along the river where combustible fuel like LNG is being transported and stored brings great danger to the region from potential spills and explosions. An LNG port in the Delaware will not only cause catastrophic damage to the river and surrounding area, but prompt more fracking, and more use of GHG’s. Delaware River Partners (DRP) Gibbstown Logistics Center LNG Proposal An LNG port in the Delaware will prompt more fracking and more use of GHG’s Delaware River Partners plan on bringing close to 3.5 million gallons of LNG a day to the port from truck or rail, this is equivalent to 2 billion gallons of natural gas. These numbers can be greatly expanded if New Fortress gets an export license. There will be close to 1400 trucks that would transport LNG to the site each day. These trucks carrying LNG will be bombs on wheels, maybe hundreds a day going to the site, traveling miles and miles in all kinds of weather, through our neighborhoods and along our highways The potential blast zone from an explosion will threaten residents all along the way. The proposed site is the Repauno site which has already been contaminated over the years and is a Superfund Site The dredge equipment that would be employed to dredge the 665,000 cubic yards of sediment over 45 acres will resuspend contamination like mercury and PCBs. There are critical habitats for wetlands and the endangered Atlantic Sturgeon that will be impacted if this project were to be built. The DRBC have voted to reopen the Gibbstown LNG permits and have a rehearing On September 10th, DEP granted the Waterfront Development permit for the Gibbstown LNG facility The project must be approved by the Army Corp. and FERC. Join us to learn how to fight each agency every step of the way! WHAT: Empower NJ Coalition Forum on proposed LNG Export Terminal near the Delaware River in South Jersey. Expert speakers include Fred Millar, LNG and environmental and transportation safety expert. WHEN: Monday, October 7, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm WHERE: Cherry Hill Public Library, 1100 Kings Highway North, Cherry Hill NJ 08034 Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/456200088311638/ Please register for this FREE event here: https://bit.ly/2oexyQH NOTE: The Cherry Hill Public Library cannot and does not endorse or affirm the philosophy, political, religious or other ideology of any group or organization utilizing a room.

Save the wolves. Salvatii lupii



Wolves and humans have so much in common; needs, family, instincts, feelings and many more. The issue I have been able to notice is that wolves are killed for being their selves due to the fact that the power and strangth of this mighty animal strikes fear into the eyes of humans. Wolves hunt for food, to power their bodies. Humans hunt for fur, sport, and nothing more then fun. This needs to come to an end, for good. With your help I hope this cause is noticed and delt with before it becomes too late. Not just wolves but for all animals

1. Emily

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Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc.
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 74-2012897)